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The Happiness Blanket


British Airways


The wearable device helping British Airways improve their onboard service


British Airways have made hundreds of refinements to their fleet to improve passengers' wellbeing.

They wanted to gauge the difference these enhancements made. But how could we get realtime feedback from passengers on journeys designed to be as relaxed and uninterrupted as possible?

The idea:

To measure and visually demonstrate how passengers are feeling when they fly with British Airways, we created the Happiness Blanket.

Passengers wore sensors that monitored the neurons of the brain and relayed fluctuations to LEDs in the blankets. When a person is stressed or anxious the blanket turns red. And when calm and relaxed, it turns blue.


We were able to spot when we could help settle-in even the most experienced travellers. We could also see the variations in response to food, drink and entertainment. We also saw that when BA passengers fell asleep, they were able to stay in a deep, undisturbed sleep.

And what we saw is now helping to guide the ongoing refinement at every stage of the British Airways experience.

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The Happiness Blanket

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